Reviews of Simplified Website Design

Our clients are THE BEST! Read what they’re saying
about our services…

Reviews of Simplified Website Design

Our clients are THE BEST! Read what they’re saying
about our services…

Letters of Reference

I have been extremely happy with Melissa and her work. She is very proactive in her site building and I’ve found she is always waiting on the client rather than the client waiting on her. I have been impressed with her knowledge in both site building and SEO and I have seen her knowledge grow tremendously since we have been working together over the last year. If anything stumps” her, she considers it a challenge and always finds the answer quickly. To address some of your questions below…

Design Skills are a perfect 10
Deadlines are always met. Its generally Melissa waiting on content from the client rather than the client waiting on her.
Budget: Her knowledge and understating of the technical website world keeps her quotes in-tact. She knows her abilities and quotes her time accordingly. Occasionally a client will want to add additional features to their site and she is 100% up front with the added costs…not a “surprise” at the end.
Strengths: Very personable & she communicates well. You always know where the project is in the build process.
Weaknesses: I honestly can’t think of any!

Neal Smith Boulder Website Designer Review

Neal Smith of East Coast Virtual Tours Jacksonville, FL

Have you been happy with her work and with working with her?
Professionally, I have been delighted with the work Melissa has done for two of my businesses (both are co-owned, but I coordinated most of the work with Melissa Johnson), and seen direct outcomes of the work with her. Personally, I have found it so easy and refreshing to work with her, as she can simplify and streamline what others in this industry make complex and unmanageable. I am so relieved and excited that I have been able to work with her over the last 3yrs.

I give my highest recommendation to her work. Several of my colleagues have also utilized her services at my recommendation and are equally as satisfied with their experience working together and their results. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with her sooner. (I’ve also heard this from many others that work with her).

Are you happy with her design skills? Her technical skills?
Yes, I don’t have to know any of the technical side or design parts to get the look and feel that we wanted! We talk over the details, our vision, our hopes. She makes it happen.

Originally, we contracted with her to do mostly SEO work for: She took our website (which we want to be very simple) and cleaned it up, offered some essential ideas and optimized it. We went from barely being recognized on search engines, to coming up on top with dynamic SEO from her. Now if one googles “boulder” “doula”, we come up in the top three (there are over 100 doulas in the Boulder area). We get an average of 200 page views per week, which in the doula world, is very significant! We receive a lot of traffic, and have a full doula practice.

Next, we involved Melissa with from its inception (I want to make sure we had it set up right from the beginning), and she provided us a much more robust full package. This business is more complex with 13-17 independent business owners (with lots of changes in the first year) all under one roof/name, but still working independently. Melissa understood the complexity and worked with it beautifully and smoothly. She took a LOT of content and variations and made it look and feel just how we wanted it! We continue to add changes, tweaks and revisions that come off easily and simply. Our brand new business (JOY Collective) opened and 6 months later won Boulder Weekly’s Best of Boulder’s runner up for Best New Business. Our website averages over 1K page views per week.

Does she meet her deadlines?
Melissa is excellent at meeting deadlines. I however was typically the hold up in the system. So as long as my content was submitted on-time, her deadlines were consistently met.

Does she stay on budget with her quote?
Melissa has great integrity with budgets and money, and would clearly outline her work/hours.

What did/do you find to be her strengths and weaknesses?
I have not encountered any of her weaknesses through our projects. All work exceeded my expectations.

Melissa has this great (unusual) blend of technical, design and people skills. Having worked with her before, we upgraded to the full package and got a lot of her time for the second project. She really helped us hone in our message(s), the look and feel that we present to the outside world, and get us optimized beyond what I could imagine. She was excellent at accommodating our changing needs and various personalities. The work and the outcomes was excellent.
JOY Door Graphic

Jenevieve Russell of the Joy Collective Wellness Center in Boulder