We highly recommend that you plan out any change request you have and submit a week or two in advance of needing the change.
This allows us to follow a proper approval process as well as fit the request into our existing development schedule. Rapid turnaround requests require us to pause an existing client project, already in progress, in order to work on your change request

Turn-Around Times

General Requests and Revisions


Example: edits to text, images, adding new sections. If your request is to make changes to multiple pages and requires more fields than the form allows, please schedule an appointment to discuss.

Turnaround times:
Depending on the complexity of the request, please allow 5-14 business days. We can usually get to requests sooner, but we must allow additional time for the unexpected.

Up to *4 hr/mo is included –  if you have a Small Business monthly website package.

Up to *8 hr/mo is included – if you have Growing Business website package.

*hours do not roll over to the next month

Hourly rate – if you are on a hosting and maintenance plan

Rapid Turnaround Requests

1-2 days

Add 50% to your current hourly rate.

This applies to Website Package Plans and Hosting + Maintenance Care Plan clients.

Emergency Fixes

24-48 HOURS

Any website issue that is hindering business (ie. website down, e-commerce not working)

Cost:  Depends on source of issue. See below

Plugin conflict = hourly rate

Client error =  hourly rate

Bug stemming from Developer error = No charge

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