A Simplified Website Process With Powerful Results

We’ve streamlined our process into use a consistent web development model that exclusively includes one theme/framework and hosting solution. We feel that these are the best in the industry for WordPress Development and allows us to focus on the client vs sorting out the myriad of back-end options that are out there. Providing peace-of-mind with tried and true products and services.


Welcome Aboard

We welcome you in, create your client portal, and start gathering information through a couple of questionnaires. An initial meeting is scheduled so we can go over what we’ve collected. During the call, we come up with a plan so we can establish a timeline.

  • Onboarding information
  • Google Drive set-up
  • Development planning


We start by listening. We take the time to really get to know you and your business. The discovery phase is where the layers are peeled back and we uncover additional questions, potential issues and new features. We look for any tools or solutions that might be needed so we can build you the most effective website possible.

  • Establish business goals
  • What are the user needs?
  • What’s the user’s story?
  • Industry research
  • Content preparation



This is when we plan and collect all the content and images or your website. If you haven’t already written your content, we provide a content planning guide to encourage and support your process. Don’t want to write your own content? We can use a content writer who specializes in website content.

  • Planning & collaboration
  • Content preparation
  • Submittal
  • Initial sitemap



Now that we have your website content, we can strategize your site architecture. We start with some wireframes or maybe a prototype so we have an idea of the site’s flow. Establishing what do we want the user to do on each page.

  • Sitemap & navigation
  • Homepage layout/wireframe
  • Internal Page layout
  • Calls-to-action plan



This is where our graphic designer does her magic! You will receive a design mock-up of your home page and one internal page that we then use to build the rest of the site. If you’re a visual person, you can opt to add-on additional design mock-ups of each page.

  • Client provides feedback in their mood board area
  • Design mock-ups created
  • Reviewed with a round of edits
  • Design approval



We put our heads down and build your site. We will have check-in points along the way to make sure we remain on the same page.

  • We develop on a live but private server
  • You will have access to our progress as we work
  • Approval process



We move through our testing list that includes key items such as form validation testing, broken links check, browser compatibility checks and e-commerce purchase testing (if applicable). Then we re-test your website after it’s launched to make sure everything looks and functions the way we expect. If we located any bugs or issues we address them at this time.

  • Test functionality
  • Locate bugs
  • Fix bugs
  • Make final tweaks



On our agreed upon day, we make your dream a reality! After flipping the switch we move through the site again for good measure.


Ongoing Support

Our website design packages include ongoing edits and support to continue perfecting our creation as your business grows and thrives.