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As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we get excited about starting new businesses! So much so, we created another, yep – business that is just domains and logos. Explore some of our premium options and then visit Imagine Your Business for the full domain marketplace.

Business + Professional Services

EQ Collective 300


Possible uses: business collective, wellness group, social justice, fitness brand and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: activist group, social justice, news outlet, non-profit. charity and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: law firm, legal consultant, professional services. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: real estate or property management company. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: law firm, legal group, and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: marketing agency, consulting firm, professional service and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: labor group, workforce attorney, career recruitment, activist group, and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: co-working space, collaborative consultancy, career recruitment, non-profit and more. Logo variations available.


Health + Wellness


Possible uses: wellness center, yoga studio, massage therapy, processional services and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: chiropractor business, chiropractic collective, blog site and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: health and wellness, food and beverage brand, fitness apparel and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: health + wellness business, medical group, non-profit and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: fashion, body positive fitness, app, lingerie, retail, and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: health & wellness, yoga brand, health app, apparel, meditation, retreats and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: health and wellness, med spa, aesthetician, medical brand and more. Logo variations available.


Food + Beverage


Possible uses: butcher shop, restaurant, mercantile store, barber shop and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: taco truck, restaurant, yoga and tacos, professional service. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: whiskey brand, distillery, restaurant and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: food brand, granola, cookbook, food blog, fashion and more.



Possible uses: flavored whipped cream, whipping cream, ice cream, restaurant and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: cooking blog, wine club, food and wine pairing app.


Everything Else


Possible uses: camping app, camping product and more. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: education platform, publishing company, writing boot camp, writing instrument brand, office supplies, calligraphy. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: gamiling, sportswear, cannabis company, entertainment. Logo variations available.



Possible uses: fashion label, formalwear shop, grooming, hair salon, tailor, apparel and more.


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Simplified Web Design was simply AWESOME! I had a pretty complicated and unique request for a website that included an online store with digital downloads. I didn’t even know where to start. Melissa and her team put together a beautiful website that looked simple, but was complex on the back end.She trained me how to manage the website, and to use the backend to fulfill custom orders. She set up the SEO plan so that my website became discoverable on the first page within a week, which is almost unheard of. Melissa had many ideas for how to make the site better, and we executed. I am very proud of the work that we did, and look forward to using this website to launch my new business.I would recommend Simplified Website Design to any business. Thank you Melissa!”

Michelle Marceny


There are three reasons why SEO can be expensive:
  • It takes time to deliver results; there is no easy button to make it happen overnight.
  • SEO requires a lot of work. Moving you up in the rankings means we have to understand where you are currently at, why you are there, and how we can improve upon what you have.
  • You need an expert to get real results in your SEO. If you really want to improve your SEO, you cannot go for whoever is cheaper; you get what you pay for.
If you do not have someone on staff that is trained in SEO, do not try to do it in house. SEO is complex, and best left to the experts.
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We’ll work as quickly as possible to get you back up to your previous ranking or higher!

No. If you are being told this by other SEO companies, you may want to avoid them. SEO is complex, so a guarantee like that means they may cut corners to get you there; eventually, that will end up hurting your site. The proof is in the results (check out our case studies and reviews). We have a high success rate and a solid formula to improve your ranking.

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Absolutely! Once we get you to page one, we can keep up maintenance on your site to help keep you at the top.