Limited Edits Include

Below we list some examples of what you get as part of the Limited and Unlimited Edits feature for both our Small Business and Growing Business plans. We also give some specific scenarios so you can see what types of work are and aren’t included.

Pretty much any feature listed in Small Business plan can be added to within the limited edits (up to 1 hour per month).

Unlimited Edits

Pretty much any feature listed in the Growing Business plan can be added to within the unlimited edits. Everything included in the Limited Edits above, as well as the following:

* If unlimited edits exceed reasonable limits each month, we will have a conversation regarding adjusting the plan to allow for additional edits and customizations.

A Few common change request examples of what’s included and what’s not included.

Included: You submit a change request to add pictures to one of your pages.

Not Included: You ask us to crop and adjust the lighting of the photos before putting them on the website.

Included: You need a calendar plugin installed and configured (assuming this is a free plugin).

Not Included: You need us to develop a calendar plugin from scratch.

Included: You decide to change the color scheme of your site and would like us to change fonts, font colors, and background colors on all your pages.

Not Included: You decide you don’t like the look of your home page and want a complete redesign (unless you’re resigning for another 18 months).

Included: You have new staff members you’d like listed on your team/about page, so you send us bios and images.

Not Included: You ask us if we can pull profile pictures from Facebook and put them on the team/about page for your new employees.

Included: You want to add a newsletter sign-up to your website.

Not Included: You want us set up your MailChimp account and lists.

Included: You’ve found a new 3rd party software that you think will improve your workflow and you want us to add it.

Not Included: You want us to research new workflow tools, pay the license fee and add to site.

Not included in either the limited or unlimited plans:

While these are not included as website edits, you can include new add-ons to your site at anytime.