Software as a Service Website

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Solution 1: Client requested a brand new look and feel for their software as a service app, repositioning and highlighting them in their industry. The site directly addresses the needs of the potential client and guides them through the app solution with call-to-action buttons. We have realized an increase of 600% for real and relevant potential customers.

Solution 2: Provide easy and accessible information as well as inquiry forms and call-to-action


Solution 3: Strategically place pop-ups that guide the user, encouraging them to stay on the site to make sure all of their questions are answered.

Solution 4: Customized blog that speaks to the B2B and the B2C user. Providing easy access for B2C users to download and use the app.

Solution 5: Position client's website along with (or above) their software-as-a-service competitors offering the similar services who are multi-million dollar funded companies. This required a deep knowledge of the product, industry and competitors.

We gained top placement for searches in various 'Branded Mobile Healthcare App' key terms, placing at #1 under paid Google Ads. This change has increased their web inquiries by over 600%.