Is Simplified Website Design a Good Fit for you?

We have the capabilities to build everything from simple brochure sites to custom sites with all the bells and whistles. To develop a solid project scope, we first have to start by understanding the goals, requested features, and time investment to build your website. Before we do that, let’s make sure we’re a good fit!

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone, and that’s okay! But we may be a perfect match for you

1. I’m looking for the whole package. A complete website including design, development, hosting, and maintenance.

Our specialty is the full life-cycle of a website project. That means planning, designing and building a new site from scratch using our tools and resources. It’s the best way for us to provide clients with the best possible results. If you are looking for updates or maintenance to an existing site that SWD did not build, we probably aren’t a good fit.

In order for us to stay focused and be good at what we do best, we do not maintain and host websites that we did not build but can refer you to some other great developers.

2. I am ready to invest my time for this project.

Building a website takes collaboration. We cannot do it without you. We will need your website’s content (check out our Website Content Planning guide) at the beginning of the project you will need to schedule some time for this preparation. We will also need your input and approvals throughout the project to maintain the timeline. If your schedule is booked with work, awesome! You may just need to wait until you are able to schedule a time for your website as well.

3. My budget is aligned with the value of my online presence.

Although we are not on the high-end of big agencies, we do fall someplace in the middle with our websites ranging from $5K – $15K+. We know from years of experience the time and resources that are needed to develop a quality website. We provide a more of a value-centered and custom experience for your project. Your website is the most important marketing tool you have and deserves the time and investment.

4. I respect my web team’s work-life balance.

We strive to balance our work with our personal lives and have set office hours during the business week. If you expect us to work after hours, on weekends and via text, we may not be a good fit. There is rarely a website emergency that comes up requiring after business hours and weekend time, but should that dire situation arise, we do make exceptions.

5. I’m looking for a long-term relationship.

While some web companies might part ways after a website launch, SWD understands that websites are rarely ever ‘done’ due to the nature of the ever-changing web, technology and business needs. Websites require ongoing updates, fresh content, and design refresh much more frequently than before. We understand this and build our business processes to support our clients long-term.

Your website could be missing something.

Do you know what it is?


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